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Home decor promises something bigger, bolder and more expressive than we’ve seen in recent years. Enter African Vibes. Africa is a beautiful and exotic place, rich with cultural heritage and characterised by unique interior design. Our stunning new collection showcases the heart and soul of the African elements which you can bring into your home to suit individual interior style. Looking to mix things up? Then keep reading! Our Boho Mandala collection is for those who want their homes full of life, culture and interesting items. This collection flies in the face of modern, sensibilities and embraces the carefree, relaxed and the unusual. One of the staple items you'll need to complete this look is a 70's-esque Macrame wall hanging which we have in abundance. Embracing the fringed or Macrame is a theme this year, check out our trendy items that are sure to please Moving into our ‘All White’ collection, this filigree décor trend has come with the Scandinavian Stamp of Approval. The White on White is the perfect sleek Scandinavia style, which is always on trend (a classic some would say) – it’s even proven to improve your health. Changing up the pace, our Blue Willow trend is showing no signs of slowing down, our stunning vases and new teapots are sure to heat up the competition even more. Incorporate one of our bold wall clocks and Photo Frames to add that functional yet stylish last-minute touches. Let our homewares and accessory range define your individual. Range includes: African decor pieces, Blue Willow/China ranges, Boho Cushions and Boxes, Boho Mandala Drawers, Bling Boxes, Bookmarks, Beautiful Bracelets, jewellery box, trinket box, Boes, Candle holders, Cushions, Morrocan vase, ginger jars, temple jars, stools, Canvas Artworks and Prints, Filigree wall art, filigree décor, filigree boxes, furniture, Shopping trolleys, Dreamcatchers, Trays, Wall Clocks and Mirrors, Ferns, Indian Bling, Paperweights, Mementos and Artwork, Photo frames, Sequin Cushions and Shabby Chic Homewares, Vases and Bowls.


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